Monday, 25 October 2010

Mad Pride Welfare Benefits & Services Protest "24 Hour Medication Strike" Caution Warning - October 25th - 26th 2010 -

Reposting the following Caution Warning - anyone considering supporting this protest by joining the "24 hour medication strike" please think very carefully - no psychiatric medications should be stopped abruptly, missing doses is putting you, your health, safety and possibly liberty at risk.  Please support the protest, but not this way -

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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mad Pride Welfare Benefits & Services Protest Warning

Slightly off topic – but It has come to my attention that are organising a protest at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London on Tuesday October 26th 2010 at 1 pm –
“A Public Execution and Assorted Horrors"
"A Demonstration against Cuts to Benefits and Services”
Promoted in their press release asincluding the promotion of
“A day of action to appose welfare benefit cuts for people labelled mentally ill”
including the promotion of
“A 24 hour nationwide medication strike!”
Whilst the sentiments of the protest against cuts to welfare benefit for the mentally ill is commendable, this suggested action –

given the nature of both the side effects caused by missed doses and the consequences of rapid withdrawal associated with powerful psychiatric drugs that all, including severely mentally ill patients, will be taking –

is irresponsible and possibly dangerous.

For years a few members of Yahoo group UKSurvivors have made great efforts to raise awareness of the dangers psychiatric drugs pose in relation to side effects, missed doses and withdrawal –

which Mark Roberts the groups owner,’s founder member, protest and “24 hour medication strike” promoter - has consciously and deliberately chosen to ignore,

whilst putting in place the following Blog, Forum and Twitter accounts to promote his protest campaign and “The 24 hour medication strike”

Please, by all means support the protest – BUT please, under NO circumstances follow the promoted course of action or encourage others on medication to join “the 24 hour medication strike“ - as it may have dire and possibly tragic consequences.


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  1. Respectfully understand, as to personal situation being the same, i wouldnt stop/skip a dose of my, (albeit much despised dependance) Venlafaxine, itd make nobody but myself suffer, Gonna b silly n say., 'what do you think i am! NUTS!' :-P. Basically if a protest is to be made it should be at the root causes. Having 100s of 'us' chanting 'Clinical Trial, is too short a while, cz Long term use evidents drug abuse, outside HQs of Wyeth, Glaxo.. Etc, itd get media attention, show we are many harmed, itd be easy to throw questions to the media that dont yet realise the damage of the same drugs being pushed by big pHARMa