Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Seroxat Group Litigation “Defining Issue” …..

appears to state, that the whole Seroxat Group Litigation is dependant on Seroxat being worse to withdraw from than any and all other drug in the SSRI class - there is however wide-ranging evidence to the contrary.
“Does Seroxat have a capacity to cause asverse effects consequent upon or following discontinuance (withdrawl) such as prevent or make more difficult the ability of users to discontinue, withdraw from or remain free from taking Seroxat to a greater extent than all other Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)”
……….. NB - spelling errors as per original document.

HM Courts Service: Seroxat Group Litigation Order no: 68.
It would also appear that if this case continues and is settled either in or out of court - it will affectively block those on the other seven drugs in the SSRI drug class from any possible legal redress or claim for compensation for the same problems.

The case seems to have been contrived to fit a loophole made available in the consumer documentation by the law – rather than the case being brought for the benefit of the litigants, to affect change in pharmaceutical regulation or make the pharmaceutical companies, in this case GSK, accountable – significantly this litigation has no social purpose, and will achieve nothing of true value.

(The blog will return to the merits and pitfalls of group litigations, their dubious success rates and pitiful litigant benefit records and the part the Legal Services Commission (LSC) and Solicitors play in the process at a later date.)

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