Monday, 1 February 2010

Seroxat Group Litigation: Order no: 68

2001 - the UK litigations lead lawyer Mark Harvey of Hugh James Solicitors (Harmful Products Department), Cardiff, then Hugh James Ford Simey Solicitors, announced in the UK press that there was an *unidentified* problem with Seroxat and the possibility of a UK Group litigation against GSK the manufacturer - he called it “shaking the tree”.

2008, October 29th - the UK Seroxat Group Litigation was lodged in the Royal Courts of Justice – but not publicized in the media or by the Seroxat campaigners.

HM Courts Service: Seroxat Group Litigation Order no:68.

The litigation is being brought under *harmful product* consumer legislation - not under any medical law or legislation.

Although the discontinuation problems, side effects, adverse drug reactions, long term persistent & enduring residual symptoms and suicidal ideation & action are of a medical nature - encompassing psychological, physiological & neurological symptoms and in some cases permanent damage.

(The blog will return to the processes of harvesting litigants, the litigant support groups and the campaign a little later.)

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